➛ Client 1  

A city based art dealer; we moved her to her new London based home, including her £1,000,000 art collection. Each artwork was very carefully protected before transit to ensure no damages.


➛ Client 2

A former female PFA and world footballer of the year. We helped her move into her new home, including careful disassembly and reassembly of numerous furniture items. Most recently, we also moved her friend, an international player.


➛ Client 3 - we were asked to collect a very heavy games table by Bournemouth FC from the house of one of the worlds most famous international football players in Oxshott, Surrey. We carefully delivered it to his friend, a very well known French international player in Bournemouth.


➛ Client 4 - the family of a legendary British magician requested our help for their move. Now that’s magic!


➛ Client 5 - a hugely well known Eastenders and tabloid favourite and her musician partner trusted us to move her items into her new home.


➛ Client 6 - a former Olympic gold medal winning athletic legend and his partner requested our assistance in their move. We believe he was impressed with our speed!